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Portraits from the Studio and the Street – Ari Marcopoulos

Portraits from the Studio and the Street – Ari Marcopoulos

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Condition: Good, spine is ripped on one side. Inside pages are fine.

Uitgeverij Bert Bakker, 1987
First edition
Hardcover, 72 pages , 210 x 240 mm

"Born in Amsterdam in 1957, Ari Marcopoulos moved to New York in 1980. There he worked at Andy Warhol's studio and later became the photo assistant to Irving Penn. This is his super scarce first book ever published; a collection of portraits of New Yorkers — from well-known figures of the downtown arts scene such as Roy Lichenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Jeff Koons among others, to more anonymous citizens referred to only by their first name or the location in which the image was captured.


Portraits from the Studio and the Street offers a glimpse into that transient and much-mythologized moment in New York’s history when the established leaders in Pop Art rubbed shoulders with their younger counterparts in the burgeoning fields of street art and hip-hop."

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