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Donna Trope - Polaroids

Donna Trope - Polaroids

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  • New
  • 2023
  • Softcover
  • English
  • 24 × 32 cm
  • ISBN 9782957001323
  • © X Patrick Remy Studio

Donna was born in Los Angeles and bred in London. Being self-taught, she drew from her own experiences and developed a look and a style. Donna Trope is an award winning, world-renowned photographer specialising in beauty images Her sexy, conceptual, ground breaking beauty shots went against the grain of what was considered commercially beautiful and are now the much imitated status quo. Donna Trope has been a master of beauty photography for decades. She has always used Polaroids on her shootings as a test before the final take on film, even in the digital era. Preciously stored away, there are over 25,000 of them now. Here is a short selection of them.


“Have any conversation with Donna Trope and it will somehow wind its way back to sex. It lies at the heart of everything she does, every image she creates. If the legendary beauty photographer isn’t aroused on set, then she might as well not be on set at all. “One of my earliest beauty memories is watching my young stepmother getting ready for my father to come home,” she says. “Her hair and makeup were akin to that of a fashion shoot. They had a decidedly sexual aura. Her getting ready was almost ritualistic and I watched this, maybe as a voyeur, and was fascinated enough to remember it all my life.” —Dazed Beauty

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