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Design pour un monde réel - Victor Papanek

Design pour un monde réel - Victor Papanek

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- Published in September 2021
- French edition
Translated from the English (American) by Robert Louit and Nelly Josset (original title: Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change, Pantheon Books, 1971).
- Graphic design: Lionel Catelan.
- Edited by Alison J. Clarke and Emanuele Quinz.
- Introduction by Alison J. Clarke.

Critical re-edition in French of an absolutely precursory and fundamental work for the inclusion of social and environmental issues in the design process: the manifesto of a radical reconfiguration of the field of design, of its forms but above all of its mission.
Second edition (2022).

Designer, teacher and author, Victor J. Papanek was born in 1923 in Vienna, Austria. In 1939 after the Anschluss of Austria to Nazi Germany, he fled to the United States. Trained in architecture at the Cooper Union in New York, Papanek claimed to have apprenticed with Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1940s and to have worked briefly with another Austrian emigre architect, Frederick Kiesler. Early in his career, he became a disciple and ally of Richard Buckminster Fuller, who wrote the preface to the first English-language edition of his larger work, Design for the Read World. Human Ecology and Social Change (1971). The book's innovative ideas and uncompromising critique of contemporary profit-driven design culture initially divided the design community. But over the years, this polemical work has become a huge success: translated into more than 20 languages and published worldwide, it remains one of the most widely read design books to date.

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